Prunus avium

Plant in pot Ø 24 cm
Productive in all regions. It grows on all soils except clayey and too humid ones. The cherry tree needs planting near pollinator varieties to fruit properly.

The varieties marked with * are old varieties




Defense against disease
 Phenological period or stage Adversity  Active ingredient Dose Shortage in day
Spring Corineus Ossicloruro di rame 400 g/hl 21
Spring/Summer Aphids Imidacloprio puro 50 cc/hl 21



All the available varieties

Code Variety Notes
FRUTVAMA CHERRY AMARENA Maturation from april to june
FRUTABIG CHERRY BIGARREAU BURLAT* Maturation in the second and third ten days of may
FRUTVBIG CHERRY BIGARREAU MOREAU Maturation at the end of may
FRUTVNAP CHERRY BIGARREAU NAPOLEON Maturation in the second ten days of june
FRUTVCES CHERRY DURONE DI CESENA Maturation in the third ten days of june
FRUTVVIG2 CHERRY DURONE DI VIGNOLA II Maturation at the end of june
FRUTVVIG3 CHERRY DURONE DI VIGNOLA III Maturation in the first ten days of july
FRUTVFER CHERRY FERROVIA Maturation at mid-june
FRUTVGEM CHERRY GEMELLA Maturation at beginning of june
FRUTVGPI CHERRY GROSSA DI PISTOIA Maturation at the end of june
FRUTVMAR CHERRY MARASCA DI VERONA Maturation in the third ten days of june/first ten days of july
FRUTANAP CHERRY NAPOLEONE* Maturation in the second ten days of june
FRUTAZUC CHERRY ZUCCHERINA DI BITONTO* Maturation in the third ten days of june
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