Prunus persica

Plant in pot Ø 24 cm
The peach is a rustic plant, but prefers temperate and warm climates; its early flowering makes it vulnerable to late frosts. In regions with cold winters, therefore, it is recommended to plant late varieties, preferably in sunny, well-sheltered sites. It fears soils too wet; avoid planting a peach tree on terrain that had already hosted this specie. Unlike nectarines, these peaches have fluffy peel.

The varieties marked with * are old varieties

Defense against disease
Phenological period or stage Adversity Active ingredient Dose Shortage in day
Spring/Summer Aphids and thrips Imidacloprio puro 50 cc/hl 21
Spring/Summer Powdery mildew Zolfo puro 50 g/hl 15
Spring/Summer Bubble-corineus Ziram 400 g/hl 10



All the available varieties

Code Variety Notes
FRUTV0ARM PEACH ARMGOLD Maturation in the first ten days of june
FRUTV0BEL PEACH BELLA DI CESENA Maturation at the end of july
FRUTV0CAR PEACH CARDINAL Maturation at the end of june/beginning of july
FRUTV0CRE PEACH CRESTHAVEN Maturation in the second ten days of august
FRUTV0IMP PEACH IMPERO Maturation at the end of july/beginning of august
FRUTV0HAL PEACH J. HALE Maturation at mid-august
FRUTV0MIC PEACH MICHELINI Maturation at the end of august/beginning of september
FRUTV0MYC PEACH MY CREST Maturation in the first week of june
FRUTA0PER PEACH PERCOCA DI ROMAGNA* Maturation at mid-august
FRUTV0PER PEACH PERCOCCA Maturation in august
FRUTA0PBI PEACH PIATTA BIANCA* Maturation in the third ten days of july
FRUTA0PGI PEACH PIATTA GIALLA* Maturation in the second/third ten days of june
FRUTV0RED PEACH REDHAVEN Maturation from the first to the second ten days of july
FRUTV0SPR PEACH SPRINGCREST Maturation at mid-june
FRUTV0SUN PEACH SUNCREST Maturation at the end of july/beginning of august
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