Available packaging:
Single variety:
ARB 11 - Box with Bio in pack of 6 pieces for each single variety.

Collection: Box with bio in pack of 6 pieces (1 per variety)
C5ARB11 - Collection C5 (it contains the varieties with *)

The roman numbers indicate the months of the year from January (I) to Decembre (XII)


All the available varieties

Code Variety Notes
ARB11AMP AMPELOPSIS WEITCHII Also known as "Virginia Creeper " it has shiny green leaves of variable size between 5 and 10 cm, red-crimson and vermilion color in autumn. It fixes itself on the walls and can cover about 15-20 square meters
ARB11BIG BIGNONIA RADICANS* It prefers mild climates and tolerates drought
ARB11CLR CLEMATIS PINK It covers up to 5/6 square of wall
ARB111CLV CLEMATIS PURPLE It covers up to 5/6 square of wall
ARB11CLE CLEMATIS RED* It covers up to 5/6 square of wall
ARB11GLI GLICINE (WISTERIA)* The flowers are fragrant and the cluster can be up to 30 cm long. This climbing shrub, that twists clockwise can reach up to 20 meters in height and 10 meters horizontally
ARB11LON LONICERA CAPRIFOLIUM* This shrub twists easily but needs a support to climb on a wall
ARB11PAS PASSION FLOWER* Suitable for hot climates, it bears winter frost. It climbs easily if sustained by supports (nets, fences, etc ..). It produces inedible light orange fruits, like small eggs, known, if properly treated, for medicines
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