Pyrus communis

Plant in pot Ø 24 cm
Rustic, it fears sandy, very clay and chalky soils. Quite demanding, it prefers a fresh, deep, permeable and rich soil. It fears drought and high winds. The distance of planting varies with the size and shape of the trees. The pruning should be practiced from late November to late March.
Even though some varieties are self-fertile, the plantation needs at least 2 varieties to fruit well.

The varieties marked with * are old varieties


Defense against disease
Phenological period or stage Adversity  Active ingredient Dose  Shortage in day
Spring Psyllid Sapone di potassio 250 g/hl 28
Spring/Summer Brown spot Zolfo 300 g/hl 10



All the available varieties

Code Variety Notes
FRUTV0ABA PEAR ABATE FETEL Maturation at september
FRUTA0GIU PEAR BELLA DI GIUGNO* Maturation in the last ten days of june
FRUTV0MOR PEAR BUTIRRA PRECOCE MORETTINI Maturation in the third ten days of july
FRUTV0CON PEAR CONFERENCE Maturation at september
FRUTV0COS PEAR COSCIA Maturation in the last ten days of july
FRUTV0PCO PEAR COTOGNA Maturation at the end of october
FRUTA0CUR PEAR DEL CURATO* Maturation end of october/begining of november
FRUTV0KAI PEAR KAISER Maturation at september
FRUTA0MIR PEAR MIRANDINO ROSSO* Maturation end of june/begining of july
FRUTA0MOR PEAR MORA DI FAENZA* Maturation in october
FRUTV0PAS PEAR PASSA CRASSANA Maturation from november to february
FRUTA0PIE PEAR SAN PIETRO* Maturation in june
FRUTV0SAN PEAR SANTA MARIA Maturation in august
FRUTA0VOL PEAR VOLPINA* Maturation in october
FRUTV0WIL PEAR WILLIAM Maturation in august
FRUTV0WIR PEAR WILLIAM ROSSA Maturation at the end of august/beginning of september
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